Additional writing

Bradley Walker

Not everything that a brand needs is easily wrapped up into a nice public-facing package. Sometimes, the most challenging part of a campaign is getting the business understood, approved, and sold. Here are some various materials I've written and directed to that end.

internal social manifesto

With a drive to uncover endless possibilities and the seemingly impossible, we are the essential business companion. Wherever you are on your path, we help you dream up what’s next fearlessly, with trusted insights, accessible tech, and unparalleled community support.

We know the future is a global collaboration, and we are passionately committed to uncovering tomorrow together.

campaign inspiration

Nothing stops a team.

Teams are no longer a few people in a conference room. They’re no longer limited to those wearing the same jersey in a huddle. Today’s teams are bigger, more diverse, and far more powerful.

Teams are kicking ass.

Teams are keeping businesses in motion. Teams are the ones telling the economy that ‘this is not our stop’. Teams tell us it’s ok to laugh, ok to share, and ok to not be ok. 

Teams are educating our children, delivering our groceries, and reminding us that while the world may feel deeply separated...we are truly growing more connected than ever before, in ways that are personal, educational, professional, and everything in between.

Nothing stops a Team.

a short script about our times


A 10-year-old RUTHIE appears on a video call from a dining room with her headphones in. In the second window, her teacher delivers an online lesson on calculating percentage. Until the end of the sequence, the girl is muted, and only the teacher can be heard.

Now remember: Is over Of equals Percent over 100… 

Behind the girl, MOTHER walks from left to right, holding up her phone in a video chat with her headphones in. 

'IS' is the numerator, and 'OF' is the denominator

Behind the girl, FATHER passes left to right, bleary, in his boxers. The girl takes notes as the TEACHER continues the lesson.

... and that's equal to a percentage as numerator, and 100 as denominator.

Behind RUTHIE, MOTHER suddenly rushes right to left holding a child. FATHER rushes right to left juggling a barking dog and a phone.

If we multiply across corners to get an equal number, we can fill in the hole

Mother rushes from left to right brandishing a fire extinguisher

So who can tell me, what is 20% of 150?

Father follows in a run, empty handed, chased by the dog
The Girl unmutes herself

30 … the answer is 30

In the background, we see smoke emit from the right. We can hear the sound of a smoke detector, a barking dog, and Father crying

I didn't know you couldn't put it in the microwave!

He's cut off slightly as RUTHIE mutes herself again

That’s exactly right Ruthie… now let’s try this with some more examples. 23 is what percent of 80? Who wants to give that a try?

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